When it comes to good subcompact cars, the Toyota Yaris is one that everyone needs to pay attention to. It is one of Toyota's most popular vehicles, and it is perfect for city driving, making it perfect for Toms River, NJ. The following are two features we think exemplify that.

Engine Power

The 1.5L engine in the Yaris is something we need to talk about because it really is the heart of the car. This little engine can give you the power you need to get you where you need to go while saving you gas. Yes, it can save you gas because you can get up to 40 miles per gallon, which is impressive.

Suspension Effectiveness

The suspension system is pretty effective because it is one that you can actually feel working for you. For one, it makes sure that you can handle the Yaris like a dream, and it also makes every ride a smooth one.

These are just two features that surprised us and made us believers in the Yaris. We want you to take a test drive to see what the Toyota Yaris can do for you.

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