Tires are very important to your safety when behind the other wheel and ignoring routine care for them can be dangerous. If your tire blows out, you can lose control of the vehicle. So it's important to rotate tires, replace them when the tread is gone, have them aligned and make certain that the pressure in them is correct.

A tire rotation occurs when tires are re-positioned from front to back and vice versa to ensure that the wear and tear on the tires occurs evenly. If you have front-wheel drive, the front tires have to work harder than the ones in the back, and take the impact of hazards on the roads, like potholes. Rotating them to the back gives the rear tires the opportunity to do the hard work at the front of the vehicle.

If you have driven 5,000 miles without a tire rotation, it's time to pay a visit to the certified mechanics at Gateway Toyota in Toms River, NJ, and keep safety at the forefront of your car.

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